The Devil Dog Shoot Is Back !

Highpower Rifle Competition

Saturday, April 2, 2011

7:30 AM to 4:30 PM at 5 Dogs Range, Woody, Ca

(Directions below)

The Devil Dog Shoot is a fund raising event  which, through the gift giving ability of the Marine Corps League, will benefit local childrens charities, USMC members and families in need as well as other service members and their families that require assistance. This competitive rifle match is a new effort which will follow in the tradition of the league's successful Volkslauf running match. 

Limited range space will limit this competition to 17 teams of 4 shooters. sponsors are needed to help make this event a success. Trophies, t-shirts, prizes, and raffles will be available for participants. Individuals who wish to shoot without a team will be squadded on the day of the match. This is an NRA sanctioned match. Both amateur and professional shooting teams are encouraged to enter and compete to win.

This event is an NRA  Across the board match, Firing 60 rounds in various positions and distances, and will allow both service rifles and match rifles which comply with NRA Highpower rifle rules. Winners will be the undisputed Highpower Rifle Champions of the South Valley.

For an application or Sponsorship Package Click Here.

If you have any questions or would like to return a completed packet Call Gary Chaffin (661) 587-8647, Jesus Navarro (661) 619-3805, Joe Jaquez (661) 333-2514, or Tom Dandy (661) 213-6718.

 This Years Top Raffle Prize

Spingfield M1 Garand 30.06

The M1 Garand (officially designated as United States Rifle, Caliber .30, M1 and later simply Rifle, Caliber .30, M1, and also abbreviated as US Rifle, Cal. .30, M1), was the first to be generally issued to the of any nation. Called "The greatest battle implement ever devised" by General George S. Patton the Garand officially replaced the bolt action M1903 Springfield as the standard service rifle of the United States Armed Forces in 1936 and was subsequently replaced by the selective fire in 1957. However, the M1 continued to be used in large numbers until 1963 and to a lesser degree until 1966. The Garand is still used by drill teams and military honor guards. It is also widely sought by the civilian population as a hunting rifle, target rifle, and military collectible.

    With tickets only $ 5.00 each or 3 for $ 10.00 "The greatest battle implement ever devised" could be yours!


                           Directions to the Range

5 Dogs Shooting Range 

a Family oriented multi-use shooting facility, operated by the Olds family. 5 Dogs is the only shooting range of its kind in the Western United States. Occupying 200 acres of rolling hills, it is a safe, picturesque sight for most every shooting discipline: Rifle, Shotgun and Handgun.

From the North

Take Highway 99 South exit on Highway 46 off ramp, go east and it becomes the Famoso Rd. Cross Highway 65 and in 6 miles take left fork, Tule Rd. dead ends at Woody Rd., turn left. Entrance is 1/2 mile on the right.

From the South

Take Highway 99 north through Bakersfield to Highway 65 (Porterville Highway) North. Turn right (east) onto Famoso Rd. After 6 miles take left fork, Tule Rd. dead ends at Woody Rd., turn left. Entrance is 1/2 mile on the right.

From the West

Take Highway 46 east which becomes the Famoso Rd. after crossing over Highway 99. Cross Highway 65 and in 6 miles take left fork, Tule Rd. dead ends at Woody Rd. turn left. Entrance is 1/2 mile on the right.

Special Thanks to the following Sponsors that helped make this event a success!

Kern Shooting Sports  (link)

Valley Gun  (link)

Valley Pacific Petroleum Services, Inc.  (link)

Bakersfield Young Marines  (link)

Willis Design Studios  (link)

Chuck Lisman

5 Dogs Shooting Range  (link)

Second Amendment Sports, Inc. (link)

Ole Boy Outdoors, LLC.  (link)

Grimmway Farms  (link)  (link)

Dave Longbottom

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